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Community Committees

What are Community Committees?

Have you found yourself wondering, “what are Community Committees?” (Other than the it being a complete tongue twister!) Well, wonder no more! We will break them down for you right now!

Community Committees are designed to encourage you (the parent) to get more involved at Grace Fellowship Academy and grow in fellowship with one another. This program allows parents to form small groups (committees) with other GFA parents. In your committee, you can focus on specific areas of interest to fulfill your required 10 hours per semester of volunteer hours. Don’t be shy! You have to meet volunteer hours either way, so why not complete your volunteer hours the way you want to?

How to get involved in Community Committees
  • Select a Committee based on your spiritual gifts

  • Attend quarterly Community Committee meetings

  • Actively participate at Grace Fellowship Academy!

What's Your Spiritual Gift?
Choosing a Community Committee that fits!

Below is a list of the six Community Committees offered here at Grace Fellowship Academy. 


If you love to volunteer and help serve, then this committee is for you!  The Service Committee is looking for individuals willing to help in the office, (copy, laminate), clean on campus, and helping teachers in the classroom (grading, cutting, laminating). There are numerous ways to serve on campus!


The Care Committee does just that—cares for our families here at GFA.  They provide prayers and cards to families in need.  During the 2017-18 school year they also provided some meals and care baskets to our GFA families.  This committee is great for working families that can’t come on campus to do volunteer work. 


The Auction Committee is in charge of  GFA’s annual dinner and auction.  Members of this committee with help organize and collect items for the basket donations, along with items for the live auction.  They will assist with set up, preparing food for the auction, and clean up.


The Fellowship Committee offers numerous opportunities for GFA families to fellowship with each other outside of school.  During the 2017-18 school year they helped with the Boo Hoo Breakfast, Back to School Night at Peter Piper Pizza, Coffee at the Curb, class BBQ’s and hiking at Skyline Regional Park.  This committee needs many sociable volunteers to assist with all of the fun events offered for GFA families.

Teacher Appreciation Committee

This committee is devoted to loving on our staff at GFA.  In the past, this committee has been responsible for praising teachers through handwritten notes from parents and students.  They help spoil our staff on their birthday and volunteer to cover teacher recess duties during Teacher Appreciation Week in May. 


The Fundraiser Committee helps raise funds for the students at GFA. During the 2017-18 school we had Walk by Faith, Coin Wars, and bake sales.  Much of the money raised in this committee supports our 7/8 grade mission trip.

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