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Handbook K-8

Preschool Handbook 

At Grace Fellowship Academy PK-8, we believe that the partnership of home, school and church is essential in the presentation of the consistent view of life to children. The following admission policies have been adopted to assure consistent standards of admission in agreement with the philosophy and charter of the school:

  1. Parents must be born again, Bible believing, Christ-honoring Christians. (An exception may be made when only one parent is a born-again believer, provided the non-believing spouse agrees not to oppose the biblical teaching of the school.)

  2. The parents must sign that they have read and agree with the statement of faith of the school, and both parents must agree to have their children educated in accordance therein.

  3. Parents must agree that:

    • The school has full discretion in the discipline of the children with bounds of the discipline policy.

    • The school has full discretion for the grade placement of children.

    • They will meet all tuition and other financial obligations to the school.

    • They will willingly support the school in prayer and in lending practical help as required by the school.

    • They have read, agree with, and will perform according to the Parent’s Code.

  4. The school principal must interview each prospective student and at least one parent.

  5. Families should be active attendees of a Bible believing church.

  6. All prospective students in grade 1-8 will be given an entrance test to determine if the student fits the educational capabilities of the school.

  7. The principal may refuse to admit a student with severe disciplinary, psychological, or learning problems.

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