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Classes offer a small student to teacher ratio. Personalized instruction encourages a greater awareness and confidence in student’s God-given gifts and talents.

Grace Fellowship Academy participates in various testing throughout the school year. In order to evaluate the student’s capabilities to learn and his/her progress, the following standardized tests are used:

  • Quarterly Writing Assessment (Grades 1-8)

  • Star Reading Comprehension Test (Grades 1-8)

  • Dibels (Grades K-6)

  • Easy CBM (Grades K-8)

  • Quarterly Skills Test (Kindergarten)

Honor Roll & Principal’s List

The Honor Roll and Principal’s List begin in the 2nd Grade. Honor Rolls are published at the end of each quarter. To recognize students and provide an incentive for achievement in academics, the following criteria applies:

  • Principal’s List: Students must obtain all A’s with no unsatisfactory conduct/effort marks.

  • Honor Roll: Students must obtain all A’s and B’s with no unsatisfactory conduct/effort marks.

To qualify for the Principal’s List/Honor Roll, the student must be enrolled for the entire quarter.

We do not have the Principal’s List/Honor Roll for Kindergarten and 1st Grade because:

  • Most of the work is done by the class as a whole as they follow the step-by-step instructions given by the teacher.

  • The emphasis is on the learning of concepts with material being reviewed over and over until the student has completed the assignment correctly.

  • Learning the material in these grades is of greater importance than making a “good grade” since this will be the basis for all.


Grace Fellowship Academy offers some optional enrichment activities throughout the school year.


Grace Fellowship Academy wants to help every student be successful in life and in the classroom. Tutoring may be available for students after school as well as during the summer. There is an additional fee for tutoring.

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