Accelerated Reader Program

We use the Accelerated Reader program to encourage and monitor students’ reading and comprehension. 

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Accelerated Reader is the computerized reading management software that GFA uses as an essential practice component of our core reading curriculum. There are three easy steps involved in the process:

  1. Students choose AR tagged books to read at their appropriate reading levels.

  2. At computers in the classroom, the computer lab, or the library, students take comprehension quizzes on material contained within the books.

  3. Students receive immediate information on their performance, with correct responses to questions provided for quizzes which are passed.                                                        


Teachers consistently receive data pertaining to quizzes passed, average book levels, and comprehension percentages. This feedback allows teachers to personalize instruction and thus enables students to achieve maximum growth. Research has proven that schools which use AR are schools in which state standards are mastered and test scores show improvement.

Our school currently has 1686 AR quizzes in our database from which students in Kindergarten through 8th grade may select. Approximately every quarter, quizzes are purchased that meet one or more of the following criteria: curriculum support, teacher request, recommended and award winning literature, Christian emphasis, and favorite authors.

Non-fiction as well as fiction titles are included in our listing. The school library has over 1500 books from which AR quiz titles are acquired on a rotating basis.

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